Thursday, April 4, 2013


Easter weekend is always a big deal for my heart.
The events that took place so long ago forever changed me, forever changed the world.
I'll never get over that.

And who doesn't like to take a million pictures- none of which turn out, eat until their border line gluttons, and constantly tell their children "no, you cannot have another piece of candy." 

It's awesome I tell you :)

More fun at Nana's

All the cousins

My dad's family. Love these crazies.

 She's totally cursing at someone.

We are trying to reenact last year's pose.
It didn't quite work out- ha ha

Bray's look sums it up.
"I told you mom, it's not going to work. Avery's being a sass-ass."

Basically what she did all day.

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