Wednesday, March 6, 2013

oh. my. goodness

We've been in war, folks. An all out battle of good germs vs. bad germs.
And bad germs kicked some major butt.

It started Monday evening in the middle of a blizzard. Bray spiked a 104 temp and became completely lathargic.
All during a snowed in sleepover with Bob's family, mind you.
The next day (still with family) Avery begins vomiting. Thankfully, the snow had stopped so we quickly loaded our fam and rushed home,  just in time for sis to lose her marbles again. and again. and again. and agin. Poor thing threw up 9 times in 7 hours.

The next day, sis's illness switched ends. Awesome.
Bray continued to battle his fever, and woke up screaming with an ear infection. After a few doses of drops and a day later, he was on the mend.
Oh, but wait. He then throws up. Yes, throws up.

At the same time he vomits, sister spikes a fever and begins down brother's respiratory virus road.

I cry.

It's now Thursday, Avery's not sleeping, because of  stomach cramps (or so we thought). I  have vomit stench on my couch and chair (despite the FOUR times I cleaned them), who knows if I've showered, my house is a wreck, we have no food to eat, and Bob's had to work late almost every evening. I was not in a good place and definitely didn't have the strength to fight another round of sickness.

In swoops my mother-in-law.
With a big pot of one of my favorite dishes, no less.
She was an absolute God-send. And just what my exhausted heart needed. At just the right time.

She wasn't the only one who stepped in to help.  My sister and mom were rock stars, as well.
Since Bob worked a good portion of the weekend, and we both caught the respiratory virus, my mom and sis spent most of Sunday at my house. They helped take care of the kids, let me take a nap, and mom made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup.
Again, the perfect reinforcement at the perfect time.

By the time Monday comes around Avery is still a wreck. She's screaming through the night, will not walk or play, and her eating is iffy. I take her to the dr and find out the poor girl has a double ear infection and low oxygen levels. Oye. Now, I've not been quiet about Bob and I's desire to treat illnesses naturally. BUT, when the dr. told me Avery needed antibiotics and steriods I knew, at this point, I needed to give them to her. She had been sick for so long and to be really honest, I needed her to have a quick recovery- both for her sake and mine.

Today marks day three of her med's and she's finally getting back to normal.
Thank goodness.
 Bray is also doing great and has been such a help with his sister.
I think I can officially say we survived this heinous battle.  But not without many bodily fluids lost, and my sanity on the brink of extinction, of course.

Some may wonder why I chose to write about this in a post.
No, I'm not looking for your empathy while I'm sure it'd be nice.
I simply don't want to forget it.
This last week has been one of the toughest, if not THE toughest time I've had as a mother of two. I've never had both kids this sick at the same time, and for this long.
But we survived.
Something tells me I may need to revisit this story down the road to remind myself there's an end in sight.

I've also had many moments throughout the sickness where my heart broke for those mama's who soldier through their child's terminal illness or never-ending disease. Seeing my babies so sick, holding them down to give medication or breathing treatments as they screamed, feeling so alone, and unkept. All of this was horrible and so very temporal for me. That's not the case for a lot of tired, emotionally spent mamma's. I just couldn't stop thinking about them and I pray I won't stop after today.

In the meantime, I'm rejoicing in my kids increasing health and I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back into a routine.

Until we meet again, bad germs.

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