Sunday, February 24, 2013


Our 10 inch snowfall has been awesome!

Here's a recap.

Thursday night, after the bulk of the storm, we decided to try snow ice cream. My grandma made it for us as kids and this was the first time I made it for my little family.

Bob got to stay home for part of the day Thursday, so he and Bray cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie. Bray was in heaven. 

Friday, we decided to brave the cold and give Avery her first experience with snow. 

She lasted about 10 minutes. 
Sister's not too fond of the stuff. 

This one however, couldn't get enough of it!

In fact, since sis was having such a hard time with the great outdoors, I let Bray play on the porch while we watched from the front door.

When we got inside, we warmed up with soup and crackers on the couch.

I'm pretty sure I'll never let them eat crackers on the couch again. 

Shortly after lunch, I began cleaning. Once done, I looked over and Bray had all his ninja turtles lined up. Typcial method of play. 

And while Bray was meticulously placing each turtle in their appropriate spot, Avery was wobbling through the house with her makeup brush and soup pot. 

Saturday, Bob took Bray out to play again but I wasn't able to get pictures :(

From the sound of it, I will get plenty of chances for more picture though, since another snow storm is headed our way. 

Who would've thought after such a mild winter we'd be battling snow storms come March?

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