Sunday, December 23, 2012

Groceries and out-of-towners

Yet again we missed church. I think that's four missed services in a row.
Thank you, never ending plague.

The only good thing about missing church this morning was getting to the grocery store at 8 a.m. We managed to avoid the crowds and were there and back before sis' morning nap. Score.

Yesterday, I did not have such "luck" as I made the mistake of going to Costco mid-afternoon. On the Saturday before Christmas. Never again, I tell you.

By the time I escaped the madness and unloaded the car, I was exhausted. I also couldn't stomach putting the food away while my fridge and pantry were such a mess. So, I decided to store the perishables and deal with the rest later. Then I napped. 

The below picture only captures a 1/3 of my mess.

I knew cleaning this was going to take reinforcements. So I grabbed my Starbucks drink from the morning Hyvee run, turned on a new CD, preoccupied the kids with a few Costco boxes, and I went to town. 

Blissful sighs of joy now come out of my mouth when I open my refrigerator. 
To find everything in their appropriate rows and sections makes me very, very happy. Especially since I know it won't last long thanks to tornado hands (love you, honey).

After I got the kitchen clean and groceries put away, I put dinner in the crockpot, laid sis down for a nap, and made Bray lunch. While I was doing all of this Bray was running around the house giggling. When I asked why he was so happy he said, " I have such a good idea!"

Below is his great idea, a bed in the living room with the lights off so his 'dream light' can be on.
Oh to be a kid again.

When his great idea lost it's luster, he occupied himself with a new toy from cousin Andrew. Andrew lives in Japan with his lovely lady and they brought back this souvenir for Bray. 

Last night we had a family chili cook off in honor of Andrew and Yoko, and Jess and Andrew. Andrew and Jess are cousins of Bob who live out of town. It's so nice when they come back. Not only is it wonderful seeing them, but we usually get to see the entire Gibler clan too. 

Fun fact. Andrew, Jess, and I went to the same college and we were friends long before I knew who Bob was. I didn't meet Bob through them either. It was only after I began dating him that we realized the connection. It's a small, small world. 
Me and the kiddos pre-party
Gibler cousins

There's a lot of personality and fun to be had from that group of people right there.

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