Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas and were sick free! I was getting nervous since Avery was still wheezing and on steroids come Sunday, but everything worked out and we were able to attend all of our usual festivities.

Christmas Eve was spent with my side of the family. We had dinner with my extended family at my grandma's then my parents and siblings came to my house to exchange gifts.

Daddy had to be at church so he missed our family photo 
Girlfriends outfit cracks me up
The dress I had originally picked was somehow ruined prior to her wearing it so I improvised
The loot from my parents and siblings
These two love each other
Christmas jammies from Nana
Her favorite part of opening presents
Thanks Uncle Timmy

I was a bit nervous about Christmas morning after such an extravagant Christmas eve, but it went great!
Bob and I chose to give each child two gifts and one to share. We did this for two reasons: 
1. We're on a tight budget. 
2. I don't want them to get lost in consumerville and miss the purpose of what we're celebrating. 
Bray and Avery seemed to love their gifts and we enjoyed a couple hours in our jammies eating chocolate chip scones. 

End of our Advent readings before opening presents Christmas morning
They love their kitchen!
After some time at home, we headed to Bob's parents. The kids stayed in their jammies most of the day and played with another mountain of toys. The adults ate a feast of Kielbasa and potatoes.
Bob's family has polish heritage so this is their traditional Christmas dinner.

After time at his parents we went to Bob's grandma's for dinner.
Another round of gifts and delicious food was had.

Aunt Peggy made the boys these matching spiderman hats
It was a hit to say the least!
She made the girls these amazing hats, as well
Loves to chat, this one 
I can't believe this toy has made a comeback!
I'm refusing to put away the Christmas tree until after the New Year in an attempt to prolong the holiday season.
And I love the Christmas lights.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with the ones they love. 

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